August 25, 2013

Book Announcement: Levasseur, Scott, Raynouard, Corcos, and Moneger, The Law of the European Union, 2d ed. (Carolina Academic Press)

Carolina Academic Press has published the second edition of the casebook, The Law of the European Union, by network members Alain Lavasseur (LSU), Richard Scott (Thomas Jefferson), and Christine Corcos (LSU), together with Arnaud Raynouard and Joel Moneger (both at Paris-Dauphine).  More information can be found on the CAP website here and the publisher's description is below. Congratulations to the co-editors.

* * *

The Law of the European Union, Second Edition, has been consolidated from the two volumes of the first edition to form a single, updated volume. This casebook examines the law of the European Union under the Lisbon Treaty, which came into effect in December 2009.

Part I of the book covers Historical Developments (from the EEC to the EU); Founding Values and Constitutional Principles; Institutions and Law Making Procedures; Sources of Law; Court Structure; European Union Law and National Legal Orders; Preliminary Rulings; Judicial Review; Enforcement: Actions against States; Liability of the EU and States; Justice and Fundamental Rights; and External Relations-Foreign Policy and Security.

Part II covers Single/Common Market; Circulation of Goods; Movement of Persons; Workers; Establishment and Services; Movement of Capital; External Commercial Policy; Competition; Mergers; State Aids; Intellectual Property; and The Euro and Consumer Protection.

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