The Network on SSRN

Dimitry Kochenov, "EU Law without the Rule of Law: Is the Veneration of Autonomy Worth It?" (September 13, 2015)

Richard Peltz-Steele on "Differences in the U.S.-EU Data Protection/Safe Harbor Negotiation"
(August 14, 2015)

Turkuler Isiksel, "European Exceptionalism and the EU's Accession to the ECHR"
(April 11, 2015)

Noga Morag-Levine, "The History of Precaution"
(March 15, 2015)

Daniel Halberstam, "'It's the Autonomy, Stupid!' A Modest Defense of Opinion 2/13 on EU Accession to the ECHR, and a Way Forward"
(March 5, 2015)

Neil Walker on Secession Movements and EU Membership
(December 12, 2014)

Joanna Glowacki and Christoph Henkel on Hydraulic Fracturing in the EU
(December 12, 2014)

(December 26, 2013)

Marketa Trimble, "The Patent System in Pre-1989Czechoslovakia"
(September 14, 2013)

(July 9, 2013)

Richard J. Peltz-Steele, "The New American Privacy"
(June 7, 2013)

(February 23, 2013)

(February 7, 2013)