August 31, 2013

The Rechtskulturen Petition

Network member Russell Miller (W&L) has passed on the news that Rechtskulturen -- the wide-ranging research program in Berlin that, inter alia, supports our friends at the Verfassungsblog as well as the series Recht im Kontext at the Wissenschaftskollege zu Berlin -- is now under threat of a potentially fatal budget cut.  For any legal scholar who has spent time in Berlin, you know how important these initiatives are in the intellectual life of the German captial.  A petition has been posted online in support of Rechtskulturen.  The first paragraph is below, and you can continue reading here, along with instructions on how to sign.

* * *

It is with dismay that we take note of the recent announcement by the Berlin Senate to cut the funding for the Forum Transregionale Studien from 2014 onwards. This threatens the very existence of the research program Rechtskulturen – a development that we not only regret but feel has strongly negative implications for Berlin as a location of excellent research, as well as for the legal academy in Germany. [Continue reading here]

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