January 11, 2014

Panel at BU on the Euro Crisis: Regulatory Responses, Social Consequences, and Legal Strategies, Friday January 17, 2014 (3:00 to 6:30 PM)

We are pleased to pass on the announcement from network member Daniela Caruso (BU) of the Eurozone Crisis Panel, which will take place on Friday, January 17, at Boston University School of Law, Barristers Hall. For additional information please contact Elizabeth Aggott at lawevent@bu.edu.


The Eurozone crisis, epitomized by the Greek sovereign debt crash, continues to loom as one of the greatest financial, regulatory, and policy challenges in the history of the European Union to date. One of the long-­standing aspects of the European Union’s political integration is the project of a Social Europe - a particular model of polity built upon the legacy of member states' welfare policies. What are the prospects for Social Europe following the recent austerity measures demanded by lending institutions? Can it find room in a new and strengthened political union? In addition to addressing the foregoing questions, the event aims to lay out for discussion the regulatory and investment-­climate outcomes of the Greek debt crisis, identifying opportunities for legal strategies concerning both private investment and systemic regulation in Greece and at the EU level.

The Boston University International Law Journal and the Hellenic Bar Association of Massachusetts are hoping to attract a diverse audience including the law school student body and alumni, faculty, graduate students from BU and other schools, HBA members and members of the business and legal community.

Speakers include:
Prof. Philomila Tsoukala  - Georgetown University Law Center
Prof. Vivien Schmidt - Boston University - Center for the Study of Europe
Maria Panezi - Osgoode Hall Law School - Institute for Global Law & Policy
John Pantekidis  - TwinFocus Capital Partners LLC (BUSL graduate)
Greg Peterson  - Ballentine Partners, LLC
Prof. Yannis M. Ioannides - Tufts University

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