August 20, 2014

US Law Professors of EU Law: Internship Opportunity for Your Students at the US Mission to the EU in Brussels

Kenneth Propp, Legal Counsellor to the United States Mission to the European Union, has passed on the note below, which we are pleased to forward to the network.

* * *

With the advent of the new academic year, I would be grateful if you would again bring to the attention of your students and your career offices a legal internship offered through the US Mission to theEuropean Union

The U.S. Mission to the European Union, where I serve as legal counselor, offers an internship for U.S. law students interested in European Union and public international law.   The intern, under my supervision, analyzes and report on cases in the European Court of Justice relevant to U.S. Government interests, as well as more broadly observe and report on other legal developments relating to the EU institutions, particularly in the field of Justice and Home Affairs.   The intern also would undertake research, and prepare briefing materials and public remarks, for the U.S. Ambassador to the EU, thus gaining as well first-hand exposure to the breadth of the Mission’s diplomatic activities.

The Mission’s website provides details on the legal internship, as well as a link to the State Department’s application process.  To access it, visit

About Us (pull down tab)

Only U.S. citizens may apply, and successful applicants must receive a security clearance.   Interns typically serve for ten week terms, throughout the year.  Applicants for a 2015 summer position need to apply by early in the fall of this year.  State Department internship positions are unpaid, but some logistical and administrative support is provided. 

Please encourage promising students to consider this opportunity, and feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.  Thanks for your help.

Legal Counselor
United States Mission to the European Union

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