March 21, 2015

Follow-up: Daniel Halberstam on EU-ECHR Accession / Symposium on the Verfassungsblog

We're pleased to let readers know that the Verfassungsblog is currently hosting an online symposium to discuss Daniel Halberstam's recently posted article on the ECJ's Opinion 2/13 on EU-ECHR accession.  This article builds on remarks that Daniel made here at NYU in a panel discussion on January 30.  Among the participants is Thomas Streinz, a Hauser Global Scholar at NYU, who also participated in the January 30 discussion.  Below is the introduction posted by the editors at the Verfassungsblog, and the full symposium can be found here.  Readers and network members should take a look.
* * *

In a highly provocative article, Daniel Halberstam goes against the trend of sharp criticism of Opinion 2/13 by offering a constitutional perspective to explain the basis for the Court’s objections to the draft accession agreement. But the article also argues that accession must proceed to save the Union and identifies several ways to accomplish that goal. We invited a group of scholars to comment.

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