May 30, 2015

Funding Announced for Ph.D. Positions at University of Portsmouth

Friend of the network Wolfram Kaiser (Portsmouth) has written to announce the availability of two bursaries for Ph.D. studies at the University of Portsmouth associated with the Center for European and International Studies Research.  The announcement is below (note the deadline of June 4, 2015); further information can be obtained from Wolfram.

* * *

The University of Portsmouth has advertised 30 Ph.D. bursaries. For more information see here: Two of these bursaries (fees and maintenance grant) are associated with the Centre for European and International Studies Research. Applicants can submit a project proposal which links into one of several strategic research projects. One of these projects is “Experts and Expertise in Politics and Policy-Making”. Project proposals can relate to any aspects of this theme in historical or contemporary social science perspective, with priority given to projects that seek to tackle related issues in transnational, European or global political spaces. The deadline for the submission of applications is June 4, 2015. The short deadline due to UK funding decisions might mean limited competition for these bursaries, so that applicants are encouraged to submit their candidacy even if they have no fully developed project at this stage. Applicants are in any case encouraged to contact Professor Wolfram Kaiser for an informal discussion of their project idea as soon as possible.

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