August 24, 2015

Kim Lane Scheppele in Politico: "The Hungary Games: How Budapest evades its migrants obligations"

Network member Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton) has a alerted us to a new piece she has up on Politico (Europe), entitled "The Hungary Games: How Budapest evades its migrants obligations."  The first two paragraphs are below and the remainder can be read here.

* * *

The Hungarian government is building a fence on the border with Serbia to keep out the ever-increasing flow of refugees to Europe. But just look at a map. Serbia represents a tiny slice of Hungary’s meandering southern border. If desperate asylum-seekers have traveled thousands of miles to get to Europe, a fence that runs for a little more than 100 miles won’t stop them. Why is Hungary building a small fence on a long border?

The fence will divert migrants toward Croatia or Romania on their way to final destinations in the wealthier parts of Europe. And that is precisely the point. [continue reading here]

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