November 18, 2015

Book Announcement: Antoine Vauchez, Democratizing Europe (Palgrave 2015)

We are delighted to announce that network member Antoine Vauchez (Paris) has released the English translation of his book Democratizing Europe with Palgrave Publishing.  A German translation is planned for 2016.  The publisher's blurb is below; further details are available here.

* * *

How can we account for numerous and repeatedly failed attempts to redress the European Union's democratic deficit over the past three decades? In the wake of the Eurozone crisis, Democratizing Europe argues that part of our collective failure to re-orient the EU's trajectory lies in our failure to fully characterize the EU government's dependent path. Bringing together new streams of scholarship in history, law, sociology, and political science, this book suggests a new portrait of the EU's singular political model. Tasked with Europe's grand project, the edification of a unique economic and monetary Market, the European Court, Commission, and Central Bank have been the cradle in which the EU polity has been shaped, staged, and legitimized. In this context, it is no wonder that the many attempts to parliamentarize Europe have had limited democratic effects. Vauchez suggests that we recognize this historically-rooted centrality of Europe's independent branch and adapt our democratization strategies accordingly.

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