November 25, 2015

Max Weber Conference: The Power of Constitutional Courts in a Globalizing World (December 3-4, 2015, NYC)

New network member Christine Landfried (NYU) and friend of the network Thomas Streinz (NYU) have asked that we announce the Max Weber Conference on "The Power of Constitutional Courts in a Globalizing World" at NYU on December 3-4, 2015.  The conference features a slate of network members, including Gráinne de Búrca (NYU), Turkuler Isiksel (Columbia), Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton), Bilyana Petkova (Yale & EUI), and Mary Volcansek (TCU).

The conference will begin with a keynote speech on "The Emergence of Global Law Systems" by Saskia Sassen (Columbia) on December 3, beginning at 6pm, followed by a reception; the second day of the conference on December 4 will consist of a series of panel discussions, beginning at 9am.  The conference will be free of charge.  

A short summary of the conference theme is below; further information and a conference schedule are available here.  Please note the request to RSVP!

* * * 

The Power of Constitutional Courts in a Globalizing World 

Since the second half of the 20th century national Constitutional Courts and transnational courts have spread worldwide. Yet, there is little knowledge on the relationship between national and international courts and the transformation of judicial power in a globalizing world. The idea of the conference is to bring together scholars, as well as judges, in order to explore the changing landscape of judicial power and to discuss the legitimacy and effectiveness of this power. We will focus on the decision-making processes of these courts, the judicial dialogues and interactions, and the ways in which judges of transnational courts identify a European “consensus” or even the existence of an international trend in the interpretation of human rights.

Further information here.

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