March 2, 2016

Dan Kelemen on Brexit in Foreign Affairs

Network member Dan Kelemen (Rutgers) has alerted us to a new article out in Foreign Affairs on Brexit, co-authored with Matthias Matthijs.  Entitled "Should It Stay or Should It Go?: The Brexistential Crisis," the article deconstructs the deal, and asks what's really at stake for the United Kingdom.

The first paragraph follows; the full piece is available here.

* * * 

British Prime Minister David Cameron was quick to claim victory after the recent European Council meeting on the United Kingdom's relationship with the European Union. After marathon talks that saw Cameron and his team sustain themselves on 23 bags of Haribo gummy sweets and a famished German Chancellor Angela Merkel forced to pop around the corner for some Belgian Frites with mayonnaise, the United Kingdom and its European partners finally reached an agreement. As Cameron put it, he had obtained a "special status" for his country and could now campaign with all his "heart and soul" for Britain to remain in the European Union, thus avoiding a Brexit (or British exit).

The article continues here.

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