April 4, 2016

Dan Kelemen on "Europe's Lousy Deal with Turkey"

Network member Dan Kelemen (Rutgers) has recently published an article in Foreign Affairs on "Europe's Lousy Deal with Turkey: Why the Refugee Arrangement Won't Work."  Co-authored with Megan Greene, the article criticizes the EU's "cynical bargain to turn Turkey into a buffer zone."  

The first paragraph follows: the full version can be found here (registration required).

* * *

On March 18, the leaders of the European Union reached a controversial deal with Turkey. That agreement, touted as a resolution to the refugee crisis, was in essence a cynical bargain to turn Turkey into a buffer zone. Turkey has agreed to act as a giant refugee holding center, keeping the millions of migrants fleeing conflict in the Middle East from reaching Europe and accepting those sent back from Greece. In exchange, the EU will pay Turkey three billion euros on top of the three billion pledged last November to help care for the refugees. It will also speed up the approval of visa-free travel to Europe for Turkish citizens and revive stalled negotiations over Turkey’s accession to the EU. The EU also agreed to settle a limited number of Syrian refugees—up to 72,000—directly from Turkey to Europe based on a crude “one-in, one-out” trade: for every Syrian smuggled to Greece but returned to Turkey, the EU will legally resettle one Syrian directly from Turkey to a European country. Finally, European leaders promised that once the flood of migration has abated they will implement a “voluntary humanitarian admission scheme,” a vaguely conceived program under which a coalition of willing member states could volunteer to resettle additional refugees.

The article continues here.

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