November 9, 2016

Maciej Kisilowski on Central Europe’s Strategy in the Age of Trump

Network member Maciej Kisilowski (CEU) has alerted us to his timely new post on, entitled Central Europe’s Strategy in the Age of Trump. The first three paragraphs are below and the remainder can be read here.

* * *

The United States has just elected Donald Trump, the candidate who openly questioned the future of NATO and the need to honour America’s commitments to its allies, who publicly complimented leadership skills of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un. With Brexit and the rise of right-wing parties ahead of the Austrian, Italian, French, Dutch and German ballots, our Western allies seem poised to venture into the “Trump Age.”

Too many times in Central Europe’s history, our elites, consumed by internal infighting, were surprised by a rapid deterioration of the international environment. We should not repeat that mistake.

While we must continue to defend the historically beneficial transatlantic order, we should also prepare our governmental institutions for the eventuality of that order weakening significantly or even disintegrating completely. [continue reading here]

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