January 13, 2013

Book Announcement: Dunoff and Pollack, eds., International Law and International Relations: Insights from Interdisciplinary Scholarship (Cambridge 2013)

We're pleased announce that the much-anticipated collective volume from Jeff Dunoff and network member Mark PollackInternational Law and International Relations: Insights from Interdisciplinary Scholarship, is now out from Cambridge University Press (see here).  The book is a state-of-the-art survey, by many of the field's leading practitioners, of contemporary International Law and International Relations (IL/IR) scholarship, examining theories of international law as well as topics in the making of, interpretation of, and compliance with international law.  European Union law and the EU legal system are mainstreamed throughout the book, which features contributions from leading EU scholars including network members Anne-Marie Slaughter, Andrew Moravcsik, Karen Alter, and Lisa Conant, among others. Advance reviews can be found on the Amazon page here.  Congratulations to Jeff, Mark, and all the contributors.

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