January 23, 2013

Dan Kelemen in Foreign Affairs: 'Saving the Euro, Dividing the Union'

Network member Dan Kelemen has a new piece out in Foreign Affairs, entitled 'Saving the Euro, Dividing the Union: Could Europe's Deeper Integration Push the United Kingdom Out?'  A key paragraph is immediately below, but for those who want to take a look at the full commentary (well worth it), it can be found here.

* * *

‘As the EU takes steps to strengthen its economic and political union, it is likely to drive a deeper wedge between core eurozone states and member states outside of the common currency that are unwilling to go along. Officials in Brussels have suggested that tensions caused by tighter coordination in the common currency area can be addressed by developing new forms of what is known as two-speed or multi-speed integration, whereby core groups of countries move ahead with deeper union on certain policies, while others opt out. Although this flexible approach has worked in the past, including for the establishment of the eurozone itself, there are reasons to believe it may be less tenable today as the EU moves toward an unprecedentedly close economic, fiscal, and political union. Flexible, à la carte approaches will not by themselves resolve the tensions between the countries committed to deepening their union and those refusing to take part’.

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