January 26, 2013

German Law Journal: The Trials and Tribulations of the European Stability Mechanism

Network members Russell Miller and Peer Zumbansen, co-editors-in-chief of the German Law Journal, are pleased to announce the appearance of a new issue: "The ESM Before the Courts" (full issue pdf here and table of contents here).  The overview below gives a sense of the contents, but for those interested, please check out the full issue.

* * *

As the Journal did with the German Constitutional Court's landmark Lisbon Case in 2009, we have again worked quickly to provide you with commentary on and criticism of the Karlsruhe and Luxembourg courts' recent engagement with the ESM Treaty. This timely special section, "The ESM Before the Courts," was coordinated by GLJ editors Moritz Renner, Emanuel Towfigh and Floris de Witte. The cases themselves, just as much as the challenging notes we've collected here, more than adequately fill the month's promised insight into "German" and "European" jurisprudence—even while demonstrating that those old categories are increasingly questionable. The general tenor of these pieces seems to be that the Karlsruhe court was up to its old tricks and that the Luxembourg court was helping the EU chart new, controversial territory, even if the path it laid out doesn't thoroughly convince or satisfy. 

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