February 18, 2013

Book Announcement: Jan-Werner Müller, "Wo Europa endet: Ungarn, Brüssel und das Schicksal der liberalen Demokratie"

Network member Jan-Werner Müller (Princeton) has a new digital book out (in German) from Suhrkamp, which posits the disturbing scenario in its title "Where Europe Ends: Hungary, Brussels, and the Fate of Liberal Democracy."  Given that all we do in the area of European law is intimately boud up with the fate of integration and the future of liberal democracy, readers should find this contribution to the debate over the direction of the Hungarian regime of great interest.  The publisher's page can be found here, and a (rough) translation of the publisher's blurb is below.

* * *

Can a dictatorship exist within the European Union? A few years ago the question might have been dismissed as intellectual game-playing by political theorists. Given the dramatic developments in such countries as Romania and Hungary, however, we must seriously confront a scenario that has never been openly discussed in Brussels: namely, whether the process of democratization in certain of the (relatively) new EU members could well be reversible.  What can, what should Brussels do in response? Jan-Werner Müller explains the background of the situation in Hungary and develops robust criteria for intervention in order to protect Hungarian democracy.

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