February 19, 2013

Call for Papers: The Law and Politics of Multi-Level Governance -- A Jean Monnet Research Workshop at Rutgers University, June 14-15, 2013

The Jean Monnet Chair at Rutgers University, held by network member Dan Kelemen, is pleased to invite paper proposals for a Research Workshop on the theme of “The Law and Politics of Multi-Level Governance”. When the European Communities were established, the European Court of Justice was composed of a handful of judges and staff members, there was very little European law to interpret, and few national courts actively participated in the community legal system. In the decades since, the scope of European law has expanded dramatically, the Court of Justice itself has grown into a much larger institution and the network of national courts that cooperate (and sometimes conflict) with the European Court in the interpretation and application of EU law has burgeoned. Today thousands of judges across twenty-seven member states are trained in European law, participate in EU-related judicial networks and engage with the EU courts in Luxembourg. This workshop will bring together scholars of European legal integration, multi-level governance and comparative federalism to explore the construction of this multi-level legal system and the interactions between the national and EU level courts and the governments that comprise it.

The workshop will take place on June 14-15, 2013, at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.  The workshop is sponsored by the Center for European Studies and the Jean Monnet Chair at Rutgers University. The Jean Monnet program will cover the costs of travel (economy class) and accommodation for participants and will provide a modest honorarium. We ask each workshop participant to prepare a draft paper for the conference, which participants will be asked to revise into an article following the conference as part of a journal special issue.

Scholars interested in participating should submit a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and an abstract of their proposed paper to Prof R. Daniel Kelemen at european@rci.rutgers.edu by Feb 28, 2013. There are a limited number of slots available. Selections will be announced in early March.

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