August 13, 2014

Book Announcement: A Transatlantic Community of Law--Legal Perspectives on the Relationship between the EU and US Legal Orders (Fahey & Curtin, eds.)

We are pleased to announce the appearance of a new collective volume from Cambridge University Press, A Transatlantic Community of Law: Legal Perspectives on the Relationship between the EU and US Legal Orders, edited by network member Elaine Fahey (Amsterdam) along with her colleague (and friend of the network) Deirdre Curtin.  The book also includes a Foreword by network member Mark Pollack (Temple) and is of obvious interest to the readership here at europaeus|law.  An overview is below and more details can be found on the CUP page here.

* * *

As a medium for communication between the EU and the USA, law has the ability to provide unique insights into the state of contemporary transatlantic relations. A Transatlantic Community of Law offers legal perspectives on the emerging institutional characteristics of transatlantic relations and contemporary rule-making in both trade and security. Making use of rule of law analysis which has hitherto not been conducted in transatlantic relations scholarship, it draws together EU law, governance and rule-making scholarship and offers new ways of thinking about the use of law and contemporary transatlantic institutions.

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