February 1, 2013

Dieter Grimm at Princeton/LAPA (Feb 6): "Who is Sovereign in the European Union?"

On February 6, the Law and Public Affairs (LAPA) Program at Princeton--wonderfully directed by network member Kim Scheppele--is hosting a public lecture by Dieter Grimm, former justice on the German Federal Constitutional Court and currently visiting professor and Gruber Global Constitutionalism Fellow at Yale Law School.  The title of the talk is "Who is Sovereign in the European Union?"  Princeton's EU Program is co-sponsoring. More details, including precise location and time, can be found here.  A preview:

"The EU is a political entity unprecedented in history. But where is the location of sovereignty in Europe? The most frequent answer is that sovereignty is shared or pooled among the member states and the EU. But recently Juergen Habermas has argued that European sovereignty lies with the citizens in their double capacity as national and European citizens. The lecture will examine these positions and propose an alternative answer to the question of sovereignty in Europe."

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